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Tuesday, June 11, 2013 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
life is so confusing and full of depression. i waste my time that i shouldnt waste. (haha) i dont know what i dont know and im not even sure what i want & i donno what i have rn. coz everything seems so wrong everything just dont go like it used to be.

hm pretending to be polite is so exhausting. i taktahu lah you ni ada otak ke takda, calling ur own girlfiriend stupid, douch b's, bangang. i donno what have you been thinking. why god wanna hurt me so bad, does he know how much i love you. been crying for stuff i shouldnt, oh anis!

" i tak sayang you " ouch that hurted me so much. oh habistu selama ni kau syg aku sebab apa? takkan lah sebab satu masalah ni, kau nk lupa semua benda, lupa kebaikan aku dekat kau.

did u know im typing this with tears? can u feel what im feeling right now? absolutely no. no. u guys have no idea what ive been thru. yes i am mad at myself. i feel stupid. WAIT UP. NO i am stupid. why you choose a stupid girl like me in da first place darling?

fighting fr someone who wont fight back and knowing nothing will change that is indeniably the saddest thing in life. i dont know what im feeling rn. i just miss you and how you used to act back then. sorry fr the stupid-silly-mistake i did.

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